Why linen is the best choice for canvas materials?

After the 16th century, the canvas became the main material for painting. Among numerous hemp and cotton fabrics, pure linen is the best choice of canvas. The reason is as follows:

1. In addition to synthetic fibers, linen is the most solid one in textiles. The fiber strength is high, not easy to be teared or burst, and can be scraped and pressured by the palette knife.

2 dense linen is cross-woven tight, which has a good coloring performance.

3. Linen is twisted into a thread, the surface is not as smooth as chemical fiber and cotton, with vivid embossed texture, linen, a delicate and interesting material aesthetics gives the artist better play space.

4. Linen and linseed oil are from the same plant and share the same chemical properties and support each other.

5. Linen has a difference between single thread (SW) and double thread (DW), which is easy to handle into different thicknesses, different thickness, different textures of a variety of specifications. 

6. In terms of preservation and restoration, oil on canvas is superior to the oil on other supports, of which linen ranks first. Flax grows generally In cold and humid climates, Belgium and Ireland are the major producers of flax. The ripened flax harvests intactly from root to leaf, decaying it, leaving behind solid fibers and spinning into cloth.

Pure linen prices higher, so there are semi-flax and cotton and other cheap varieties. As cotton and linen fluctuate with changes in humidity, so blended fabric is not suitable for large canvas.

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