Why Van Gogh is my favorite artist

Van Gogh is known as expressing his enthusiastic feelings via the gorgeous color, unrestrained brush strokes. But he is different from the Impressionist.

Impressionist just capture the appearance of the object, while Van Gogh love is the nature of the object, which likes the object of the lover. He tried to infiltrate the object and occupy its entirety. Impressionist love light, Van Gogh love is not light, but shiny sun. He loves color, analyzes the color, he has learned from an old music teacher piano, want to find the color of music, he pursued the unique effect of color performance with fanatical inner feelings, with white-hot bright color performance of the fall of the night coffee shop The dark scene. I from the young school painting period, see Van Gogh's works will be attracted, since then has been love him, to this love of love today without the slightest recession. I think this attraction is in addition to the beauty of the painting itself, more because of his fiery heart and the object formed an indivisible whole, his works can move people's mind. Formal beauty and artistic beauty in the Van Gogh works have been natural, free and high degree of integration, in the portrait so, in the landscape, still life is also true. There are thousands and thousands of painters in ancient and modern, when their hearts have dried up, their hands still continue to paint. The ruthless picture of the boring picture is full of cattle; but Van Gogh's works are almost every one of the author's heart beating.

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