The value of oil painting

The preservation of a longer time: the oil paintings of the five or six centuries ago are still well preserved today, and they don't fade or discolor.

Status is high: oil painting has always been a symbol of noble life, which was first popular in Europe in the palace. Only royal families could enjoy it. 400 years ago, oil painting was introduced into China, and it was still a privilege enjoyed by the court.

Priceless: Monalisa, one of the most valuable oil paintings in the world, is still preserved in the Museum of Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France. And it is adored by the world. Almost all of the leaders customized oil paintings for themselves, such as Napoleon.

The value of collection: many oil paintings across the period, have become the collection of oil painting collectors. Even if the buy back price is as high as tens of millions, the collectors buy them without hesitation. The noble attributes of oil paintings and collection value is the driving force for their purchase. 

The eternal and irreplaceable: Wedding oil painting, Family portrait oil painting is a new type portrait painting emerged in recent years. Wedding oil painting is a symbol of eternal love, the perfect combination of art and noble marriage, and eternal commemoration significance for painting creation of us. So that such paintings are more and more popular in a large amount of family, which is any other things can not replace. Since ancient times, celebrities do not necessarily wear diamond rings, but most of them will customized portrait oil paintings for themselves.

The value of decoration: in modern life, the oil painting is popular in the upper society, mainly used in interior decoration. The oil painting has unique noble attributes and high-end visual effect which enhance oil painting decoration grade and incomparable artistic effect.

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