The thinking of painting and art

The creation of art works is a complex spiritual activity and production activities. It is the reality of life in the painter's reflection of the product.

The beauty of art is the unity of truth, goodness and beauty, and it is the conscious purpose that all artistic creation must set. Each artist should show his unique feelings and understanding of beauty in his work. Real beauty and reality are the source of art creation. It is usually regarded as something of content, but the real form of art to express itself, and usually think that only the form of things, just constitute a real content of a work of art. Art works are the carrier of emotional thoughts and aesthetic ideals through image and technique. In Greek, the word art has two meanings: one refers to the works of the United States; the second refers to the creation, skills, skills.

Art When praising a beautiful artwork, it often implies a two-tier meaning: one means that the performance of this work is very beautiful, and the second is that the production of this work is very beautiful. These two different evaluations, the former on the object, the works. The latter to the people, to the artist. A true artistic work must meet two basic conditions: First, it must be the creation of human labor and wisdom, and second, it must be able to give people a spiritual pleasure, that is, with aesthetic value. These two points can be said to be the fundamental difference between works of art and pseudo-art.

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