The Reasons For Oil Painting Damage

The Reasons For Oil Painting Damage

When the oil painting is completed, there will be an aging process. Although the technology of oil painting is constantly improving, the damage of oil painting is also a problem. Of course, we hope that the oil painting will not change color for a hundred years, so we need to understand what factors can destroy the oil painting, so as to better protect the oil painting at the source, and reduce some manpower and material resources in the subsequent preservation, so that the oil painting keep the best status.

Oil painting is a powder mixed with oil and applied to the base surface of burlap, cardboard or wood board. Due to the oxidation of oil, the oil paint is completely dry, and  after drying the pigment is bright, firm and the texture is tangible.

It is generally believed that the oil painting is firm and it is not bad. In fact, the passage of time, the change of temperature and humidity, the adhesion of dust, the damage of insects, etc.They are enough to destroy the oil painting in more than ten years, leading to many factors of aging and damage of oil painting.Dust, insects, microorganisms, acid and moisture in the air, ultraviolet light, temperature changes, the weight of the oil painting and the gravity of the earth, etc.These all exert influence on the different levels of oil painting and the stability of the combination of layers.These effects are slow and continuous, and they are ubiquitous. If they are not restricted and eliminated and will gradually accumulate, complement each other, and eventually lead to the destruction of oil paintings - that is, to the point where they cannot be repaired.

It is impossible to make a permanent oil painting.Artists can extend the life of oil paintings by selecting and applying the right techniques to slow down and delay the aging process as much as possible. However, once the work leaves the hands of the painter, they can only expect others to respect and care for the works.

In addition to this, you need to have considerable luck to avoid being destroyed by accidents or human negligence.A painting can be appreciated by people after centuries in its completion, and it requires the joint efforts and cooperation of several generations of collectors and restorers.

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