The most popular way to decorate a blank wall

If wall of your room is blank, don’t let that blank space go to waste! There are some decor ideas to liven up your room.

1.Colorful baskets. Why not use the various sizes and colors of decorative woven baskets? It will let you surprised, but you need arrange them on the floor before hanging them. Is it hard to collect craft baskets? Create them in your own,that’s too fun.

2.Giant letters. Design two oversize letters, whether vintage or new, anywhere you put them. Slightly overlapping the letters creates an even stronger graphic statement than hanging them side by side. You need measure the size of blank wall before you design letters.

3.Various hats. Show off your fedoras, trilbies and cloches on hooks on the wall for a functional display, but you need avoid hanging baseball caps. If no hats, try necklaces or the same thing for a similar effect.

4.Paintings. Hang the nature landscape paintings in living room or bedroom. You feel relax and instead of tension and stress when your see nature paintings in your room. You can hang other styles of paintings with your favorite.

5.interesting pattern. Don’t limit your mind and you will find unique wall decoration. For example garden fencing, punched tin doors, woven screens ... The list can be wrote finished. Open your attic or storage shed, and keep an eye out for curbside freebies. You will find the different art than your before.

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