The intrinsic factors of influencing of collection of oil paintings

1, academic factors. The art and academic status of oil painting. In the Chinese art world, academic is a very critical word, academic pursuit of innovation independence, truth and rigor. The academic evaluation system focuses on the artist's history of art history, breakthrough and creative depth. The artist's market performance requires academic support. In the art circle, the composition of the academic evaluation system is composed of independent critics, curators, academic magazines, biennale, art museums and so on.

2, the quality of work. Artists in different periods and different stages of the creative ability and status have significant differences, and the creation of a limited number of works, can be called fine can be described as very few. In which the more boutique, the higher the value.

3, works record. Does the artist's work have a complete record, such as whether the collection is clear, whether the exhibition album is complete, that is, whether the origin is clear, affecting the level of credibility and the value of oil paintings.

4, save the situation. An oil painting if there is a broken, moth or even moldy phenomenon will affect the oil painting itself, the intrinsic patent and pricing.

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