Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Ivan Kramskoi, Russia, 75.5cm × 99cm, Tretyakov Gallery

This portraits may not be a portrait of a specific person, but the artist's ideal creation.

The Unknown Woman in the painting is proud and self-esteem. She wore luxury Russian high fashion clothing, sitting in a luxurious cabriolet, the background is St. Petersburg, the famous Alexander Theater. She sat in a luxury convertible and looked at the audience proudly. Unusual style and self-esteem, give a resolute, decisive, full of thoughts, exudes a deep impression of youthful vitality. The picture is in the background of the winter city, snow covered with roofs, hazy sky, it is a chill season.

The woman's fur cages, bracelets, white feathers on the hat, blue bow tie, are extremely refined performance. The most amazing details is that the character's temperament presented by artist's exquisite artistry. The painter creates a new style of expression on portraits, portraying portraits in thematic plots. Showing a resolute, decisive, full of thoughts, exudes the vitality of the Russian intellectual image of women. It really deserves to be a masterpiece of outstanding portraiture.

After all, who is the woman that in the " Portrait of an Unknown Woman " is still a mystery. Portrait of this beautiful girl. Some said that it is Anna Karenina in Lev Tolstoy's novels by and some said an actress in the Bolshoi Theater of Russia. However, no matter who she is, she is really able to impress the audience with her spirit.

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