Oil painting features

1.Oil painting is the color modeling of oil paint. The oil painting is thick and strong coverage, with a variety of colors.

2. Oil painting has rich expressive force. Oil painting is suitable to create a "three-dimensional space" on the plane, showing the visual feeling of feeling the world.

3. Oil painting is the technology of light and color, which is unmatched by other paintings in the performance of texture and sense of space. Oil painting is the use of color to show the object, whice uses the three attributes of color to represent the color relationship of the painting object.

4. There are various techniques for oil painting, such as thick coating, thin paste method, point color method, rendering method, etc. Some of the techniques are subtle, and some are bold and colorful.

5. Oil painting is strong coverage. In order to pursue visual harmony, the expression level of methods generally begins with dark color painting, then use light color to cover the middle color, in the end, the most bright color to cover light color. That's why the most bright color of oil painting are often most heavily painted.

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