Oil painting categories

With the improvement of living standards and the renewal of people's aesthetic concepts, at present, home decoration gradually become concentrated on the direction of heavy decoration and light fitting, and the artwork is undoubtedly a very good choice for room decoration. Such as oil paintings, which is often bought by art lover to their home, it can regarded both as a decoration, and a collection, it is the very good way.

There is two types of oil paintings on the market currently: computer oil painting and drawing painting. Computer oil paint has no bump up the texture when you touch it using hand, more accurately, it is just a print, which is only has the oil painting "shape", do not have the "quality" of the painting, this painting can be bought in many decorative markets, But without any artistic value. Another kind drawing oil painting is the mainstream in the market, but there is a kind of oil painting that is commonly known as "painting" in the oil painting. Most of these paintings is  rough, monotonous and simple drawing. The drawing method is similar to the manual workshop approach, usually tens to hundreds of completed together, the first person to draw all the blue, such as the blue sky, the sea, etc .; second person painted all green, such as mountains, trees, water, etc .; third People redraw all red ... and so on. There is no art or collectible value for such paintings.

The real sense of painting is becoming the mainstream of home decoration. In general the creation of works or rigorous copy of the main works. In the form of painters generally choose linen or cotton as canvas, of which the paint is different. Generally good oil paint colorful, strong adhesion, do not fade, it should be permanently preserved, and it will has a better collection value.

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