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Why are Oil Paintings to be Painted on Cloth
In the art gallery, in the gallery, and in the art exhibition, we can see many beautiful oil paintings. These oil paintings are usually painted on cloth, and some are painted on wo...
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1, the good picture effect. Art-king believes that pure hand-drawn oil paintings are the present of naturally beautiful,  smooth lines, and the changes of light and dark. They...
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Thinking of Oil Painting Art
The creation of art works is a complex spiritual activity and production activity, which is the product of the reflection of real life in the mind of the painter. Art beauty is a h...
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The preservation of a longer time: the oil paintings of the five or six centuries ago are still well preserved today, and they don't fade or discolor....
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The Sentiment of Landscape Oil Painting Creation
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  • 2018-12-26
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The difficulty of creating landscape oil painting is better than that of plot painting, which means that emotion plays an important role here. If you simply depict the image ...
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When we go to an art gallery to enjoy artwork which made from all kinds of different materials in various periods and are infected by these images, we will not feel any inappropria...
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