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Commentary Oil Painting Style
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  • 2018-11-08
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The following three points are some of the styles of oil paintings that you have summarized. If you are picking oil paintings but don't know them well, I hope that these conten...
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Appreciation of Oil Painting
Like traditional Chinese painting, oil painting also pays attention to composition, layout and image conception and artistic conception, and more emphasis on color. But the...
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Why are Oil Paintings to be Painted on Cloth
In the art gallery, in the gallery, and in the art exhibition, we can see many beautiful oil paintings. These oil paintings are usually painted on cloth, and some are painted on wo...
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What  is Hanging Oil Painting in the Living Room
Nowadays, many people choose to hang pictures at home. The hanging pictures not only add beauty to the living room, but also cultivate the sentiment, purify the soul, and hang on...
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Introduction of "Dry Pen" Painting
The so-called "dry stroke method" means not using or rarely using color oil or other color medium, but using a large hard brush to directly draw paint, which is a way of direct d...
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Chinese Oil Painting
The oil painting originated in Europe. The Chinese oil painting originated from 400 years ago. Italian Catholic Ricci and other people came to China to teach and bring Euro...
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