Materials and methods for making texture of oil painting

Common materials used to make texture are: lime powder, marble powder, sand, iron and so on. No matter what kind of additives items are used, it will affect the adhesion of color. If you use a lot of additives, you can use gloss oil to increase the adhesion of media, which can make the surface shiny. Here are a few simple ways to make texture:

1, using white powder or lithopone white latex into a paste, then using brush or knife in the place  to create a mottled pen marks texture, or applied white powder in the bottom, using knives, combs, rollers and other production to make the required texture.

2, Let Dharma or Matti resin dissolved in turpentine and reconcile the white paint, reach a certain consistency and then use a brush or a large knife in the canvas that has been scratched to the production of the ideal texture. After the turpentine is volatilized, the lead white will harden quickly (about two minutes), so it should arrange the time properly, if it is too late, the paint wil harden, the texture production will be difficult to handle.

3, It is very convenient to use acrylic paint or acrylic paste cream to make the fabric, because the propylene material dry quickly, it can be piled up as well. However, if it is in the oil bottom or after the oil film on the use of acrylic paint easy to peel, so it should be polished with sandpaper before using.

4, the painting process can be through the changes of thin, thick, thin, thick and other color, and using the pen and knife directly to make uneven rough effect, or mixed with sand, sawdust, broken glass, bread crumbs and other particle in the pigment, to produce Material-made texture.

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