How to save oil paintings in the humid air environment?

Sometimes many painting enthusiasts feel frustrated about the damp environment for oil paintings.

In wet conditions, it should be more careful when the paintings hanging on the walls. It should have stretched a frame when buying painting, it can effectively prevent the wall seepage to the canvas when stretch the frame. This canvas will not be moldy due to water seepage, thus undermining the painting affect the storage time. Moisture protection in the oil paintings, you can use dehumidifiers, warm fans and desiccant if you can afford it. To let the painting more ventilation during day time. It can expose to the for 1 hour, and it is best drying the down side.

The most suitable environment humidity for oil painting should be between 50% -60%, the ambient temperature should be controlled between 18-22 degrees Celsius. In addition, in order to prevent the back of the canvas damped, thinly coated on the back of the canvas with two layers of natural beeswax dissolved in turpentine before, which can completely prevent the infiltration of moist air. If you are worry about mistakes in your own operation, you can ask professionals to help, and give paintings to do a "Varnish" every three to five years.

There are many details of the protection of oil painting, which can not be ignored. For example, keeping the home clean is a basic work to preserve the collectibles. Wash your hands before touching the oil painting. Keep the oil away from spray and cigarette smoke and regularly remove the dust. Be sure to check carefully before removing dust to see if the surface of the oil is cracked and loose, and dust removal should be avoided these parts. Dust removal tool selection is the most important, the best choice should be wool material pen or brush. Avoid using a rag wipe and wet rag.

In fact, while collectors buy oil paintings, they should take the initiative to understand the pros and cons of the various materials used by the painters in drawing. If you are using a poor paint and canvas, then it is useless for further care and maintenance. In addition, if you select unqualified framing materials of the oil paintings, it can also cause deformation.

In addition to the work of surface dust removal, when encountered preservation and repair problems, you can ask the auction house or gallery professionals.

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