How to protect oil paintings

The oil painting masterpieces that hang from your wall undoubtedly adds to the elegance and charm of the room. You would definitely want these to stay in good shape for many years. Now to make this possible you have to take good care of them. There are some special procedures that help in keeping oil paintings in good shape.

Frame them Well

Good frame protects oil paintings from dirt, heat, and light. Actually oil paintings run the risk of getting damaged quite easily. You should also protect them from cold and humidity. These can also harm the quality of the paintings. That is why it is most imperative that you frame it really well.

Storage Place

Collectors of oil paintings should also choose the storage place with care. Living room is the best place to hang such a painting. If you have a fireplace you can hang your favorite oil painting above it without any fear of damage. Just make sure your painting does not get exposed to too much heat or cold.

Cleaning Tips

You will have to clean the oil painting regularly. Dusting is also good for the long life of these paintings. Please avoid using chemicals to clean the paintings. It is better to use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the dust off the surface of the paintings. Some collectors do prefer soft brushes to dust off paintings. However, you may have to use cotton swabs with distilled water to remove dirt from the painting.

Using Solvents

You can use solvents in place of chemical cleaners but make sure that they are mild enough. Otherwise it may do more harm to your painting than good. There are some solvents in the market that are appropriate for this cleaning process. You can dab a cotton swab in it and apply it on the painting. These solvents can be used if you find the varnishing of the paintings to be quite old. It would be better if you can tests the strength of the solvent before using it.

Professional Assistance

A professional oil painting cleaner will take really good care of your assets. He is the safest and surest bet that you can play. He knows what your oil paintings need. But this will definitely cost you much money. But you should always try to go for one if you can afford it.

Care for Bacteria Attack

Sometimes oil paintings become happy breeding ground for bacteria. You can take care of this menace by cleaning the surface with the use of a toothbrush or a shaving brush. These bacteria are quite common on the surface of fresh paintings.

Back of the Painting

You may find it surprising but the backside of your oil painting is also to be checked thoroughly. This is important for the long life of the painting. If you don’t then that side will become dusty and later may damage the painting. So, do not forget to clean this part as well.

These guidelines will help you to prevent any untimely decay of your oil paintings.

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