How to dust the oil painting?

Whether the oil on the warehouse or hanging, are willing to be stained with a layer of dust If the painting has dust coverage, the most scientific way to clean is to brush off the dust of the surface. But remember, before to sweep away the dirt you should make sure if the surface has been cracked or broken.

If so, do not touch these parts. Oil painting should be avoid of wiping with a rag, and using with a wet cloth, it is also more dangerous. To use soapy water with a rag. Moisture will enter the delicate texture of the oil painting is difficult to come out, the older oil painting above there is a layer of light paint, and water and gas will produce a layer of gray after the lime effect, like bleaching the same work. Moisture can also lead to irregular shrinkage of the canvas, the pigment even more adverse adhesion. If the problem has been very serious, or to find professional advice.
Oil paint adhesion from the pigment and the end of the bond between the material, not by the late fixation, pencil or charcoal sketch need to use drawing fluid, because the adsorption of carbon fiber and paper fiber is not close enough, the need for plastic The substances fill the pores and secure them firmly. The oil paint itself is a dense mass of paste, and the end of the material layer of the bond is tight, does not require post-fixing (unless you can not paint when the painting method, attached to the color itself is poor, if so, painted what Can not make up), painting brushing after the completion of the main role is to protect the color layer, to avoid direct contamination by dust, while a unified surface gloss, the color is more vivid.

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