FAQ Order

Q: How to edit orders?

A: A. Go to "my order"

    B. click the order details link to change

Q: Can I return my package if I don’t like it?

A:We can’t accept refund and return if the product has found no problem after examination. If the product has found not quality problem or not send wrong items, you should pay it on yourself if you want to return it..

Q: Does my package need a signature?

A: Most international shipment require a signature for delivery, but you can not to do this if there is a special shipping route in your country.

Q: I’ve just conformed my order, can I add other item to it?

A: Once you've placed your order, you can no longer add items to this order. You will need to complete a separate order to purchase the additional items.  If you contact our Customer services and let us know both order numbers, we'll be happy to refund you the additional delivery charge.

Q: When will I receive conformation that my order is on its way to me?

A: Once your order has been confirmed, we will pick and pack your items and then you will receive a confirmation email.