What is Hanging Oil Painting in the Living Room

What  is Hanging Oil Painting in the Living Room

Nowadays, many people choose to hang pictures at home. The hanging pictures not only add beauty to the living room, but also cultivate the sentiment, purify the soul, and hang on the blank wall to have a trace of taste. The living room paintings can not only improve the home feng shui, It can also play a good role in decorating the home.

Landscape painting has become the first choice for modern family living room paintings. Because the landscape of the Chinese people's feelings is the most heavy precipitation. Sightseeing in the mountains is the cultural consciousness of the mainland. The inner cultivating consciousness of taking mountains as the virtue and water as the sex, and the sense of visual illusion of the world is always the main axis of the electricity cost of landscape painting. From the landscape paintings, we can concentrate on the artistic conception, style, temperament and color of Chinese painting. In no painting department, we can have more emotions like a landscape painting.

Each painting has mountains and waters, meaning "Wang Dingwangcai", because "the mountain officials, the water pipes and wealth." Each painting has a waterfall or a stack of springs, because the waterfall means that the financial resources are rolling, the source is long, and the left and right waterfalls or the stacked springs mean the right and left. The water is a symbol of the cornucopia, and there are boats and boats that are all within the bow, meaning the smooth sailing. Of course, there must be people living in such a feng shui treasure, so there are small bridges, flowing water, and people in the mountains and rivers. This "people" is backed by the mountains, meaning "heavy" is thick. The general landscape paintings are forbidden to test the "elegant customs". They can not only punish the feng shui experts, but also forge the mysterious vision of the collectors. They can also forgive the aesthetics of the collectors of paintings and calligraphy. They can add vitality to the modern living room, and condense the profound cultural heritage. At the same time, they are hidden and pleasing. Endless feng shui mystery.

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