The Sentiment of Landscape Oil Painting Creation

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  • 2018-12-26
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The Sentiment of Landscape Oil Painting Creation

The difficulty of creating landscape oil painting is better than that of plot painting, which means that emotion plays an important role here. If you simply depict the image of the wilderness,

the forest, the sea, or the creek without any vitality, there is no other "emotional" or "spiritual" information content, you can't call it a good work. In a broader sense, all art is an art of emotion,

and without emotion there is no art. In the creation of landscape oil painting, emotion is the soul that runs through. Rodin said: "Art is emotion." Susan Lange said: "Artwork as a whole is the image of emotion."

Qing Yan, the painter of the Qing Dynasty, once said that he painted landscapes "regardless of size, It’s time to make a scene with emotion.

Landscape oil painting creation is a kind of understanding of nature and a formal language that conveys certain ideas and emotions. Facing the green mountains and the ancients,

facing the ancients, the author seeks his own artistic expressions between the reality and the soul in the natural tranquility, understanding and meditation, seeking spiritual natural and natural wisdom.

The nature of the scenery is my nature, and the scenery is my feelings. Caused by the situation, the pen is the result; the pen is caused by the feelings.

Artistic conception is the essence and soul of art works. It is the spiritual dialogue between the objective things in the natural world and the inner world depicted by the artist. It is the natural expression of the artist's inner feelings, cultivation, temperament, etc.

The artistic conception is to judge the success of the works of art. The essential. In the long history of the long river, the countless artists have made unremitting efforts, exploration and pursuit for the "Ideology",

which makes the landscape oil paintings perfect and perfect the oil painting landscape and its creation. Some people think that compared with the theme of character creation, etc. It is easy.

In addition, landscape paintings are difficult to express major themes, and they have been left out for a long time. Even many oil painters regard landscape creation as a means of practicing pens.

In fact, the requirements for landscape oil painting are higher. It requires artists to have unique artistic accomplishments and creative skills.

If the artist does not have a solid foundation in sketching, that is, the ability to organize the shape, it is impossible to create landscapes.

At the same time, the creation of landscape oil painting requires that color cultivation be better than other creations, and that color cultivation and skill are not enough, which may completely cause a landscape creation to fall into a state of failure.

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