Oil Painting Landscape Sketch

Oil Painting Landscape Sketch

Autumn has both the joy of harvest and the temptation of poetry. When people indulge in the fruit of autumn, the people who paint are obsessed with the colors of autumn. In the four seasons, I prefer the colors of autumn, mature and calm, colorful and not kitsch. Summer has already receded, it is the west wind and autumn, a good sketch season.

The spring flowers are charming and fascinating; the autumn golden leaves are also fascinating. Nature lets the yellow color perform in the fall, and yellow is the main color of autumn. Therefore, sketching in the fall often makes people draw satisfactory yellow tones.

The warm sun in autumn puts gentle light on the small trees by the river, watching the yellow leaves gently fall on the water, like a boat swaying far away. The stable sky reflects the calm river. At this time, is the sky water, is it very graphic? Use titanium white plus light blue, smear a little green lotus color to smear the sky. The dark side of the mountain has a slight purple color, which contrasts with the yellow leaves in the foreground. The picture in front of you, as you move to the canvas.

The clouds in autumn are fluttering, the scenery is bleak, the water is greener, and the green hills are clearer. Looking at the mountain road, the green hills are stacked, the autumn is high, and there are not a few strokes. The greasy green oil in the summer, the red maple leaves in the autumn, the dead yellow banana trees, the weeds, and the wooden boats that have been refurbished and refurbished give a full picture.

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