Living Room Decorative Painting

Living Room Decorative Painting

The living room decorative painting is a kind of decorative method that is different from the restaurant decorative painting, the bedroom decorative painting, and the office decorative painting,

which is used to decorate the home environment in the living room and improve the family atmosphere. It is the most important part of the general family decoration, the living room decorative painting

can indirectly reflect the owner's aesthetic needs and personality characteristics. Can be matched by two

Style match
1. European-style room is suitable for oil paintings, and pastoral decoration styles can be matched with oil paintings.

2. The Chinese-style room is best to choose Chinese painting, watercolor and gouache. The pattern is mainly composed of traditional freehand landscapes, flowers, birds and fish.

You can also choose paintings made with special materials, such as flower paintings, paper-cuts, woodcuts, and knots.

3. The modern decoration is suitable for some impressions, abstract oil paintings, and the avant-garde fashion styles such as post-modern are especially suitable for

matching some decorative paintings with modern abstract themes,as well as individual decorative paintings.
Match with space

1. The first point of sight is the best position. The first drop in the line of sight is the place where the decorative painting should be placed, so that you don't feel that the wall at home is empty and fresh.

2. The corner decorative painting changes the direction of the line of sight. On the two walls of the corner, put two paintings on one wall, and put another painting of the same style on the other wall in parallel to form an L-shaped combination on the wall, which can increase the layout.

3. Staircase decoration paintings can be irregular. The right wall area is large, so you can ask professionals to draw patterns on the wall. If the area is not large, you can place irregularly decorative paintings along the shape of the stairs at the corner of the stairs.

4. There are taboos in color selection. Generally, the interior of the modern home improvement style is mainly white, and the decoration is mainly yellow and red. If the interior decoration color is very stable, you can choose a high-grade gray, partial art decorative painting.

5. The shape of the decorative painting should correspond to the shape of the space. If the wall surface of the decorative painting is rectangular, you can choose a single decorative painting of the same shape or a more popular combination decorative painting; if some places require a semi-circular decorative painting, you can leave room.

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