John Singer Sargent

"Being with Sargent's painting is like being with fresh sunlight."

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), one of the most prominent portraits and masters of painting in the world, has created a large number of classic paintings by his unique techniques of painting and handed down to later generation. He has been awarded a doctorate from Harvard University and Yale University. Sargent was known as the world's most excellent portrait painter by the British painting community when he was 35 years old, Sargent devoted himself to the career of the arts without married.

Sargent has delicate observation and his observation angle is different from ordinary people, his portraits grasp the vivid and smart part of the painting. In particular, his vivid description of the eyes which is like the characters in the paintings who want to jump directly out of the canvas and exchange their soul communication with the people in front of them. Sargent's portrait of watercolor paintings showed his talent fully, with a very skilled pen, bright colors, It is clearly visible in facial expressions of human face when he depicting of character.

Sargent often draws watercolor landscapes in addition to portraits.

His watercolor scenery paintings are mostly improvised sketches, outstanding features, dignified and appropriate color, it has its own unique character of the performance of light color effect. In his landscape paintings, there is full of different scene of different nationalities: Italy, Egypt, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland and Norway. During the several years of his traveling in Europe, he traveled all over the countries in Europe and used traveling experience to observe the society and people around him, which gave him a very rich material and creative desire. In the following years, Sargent tried to keep innovating in technique, and he created a large number of watercolor works. In order to make himself as fast as possible to capture the excited moment under the sunlight, he even carrying a color box and paint tubes so as to quickly painted in outside. Sargent's paintings during this period are no longer the meticulous and complete portraits of his paintings. It is more freedom than before, and this freedom brushwork also gave a very natural and unrestrained sense.

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