Introduction of "Dry Pen" Painting

Introduction of "Dry Pen" Painting

The so-called "dry stroke method" means not using or rarely using color oil or other color medium, but using a large hard brush to directly draw paint, which is a way of direct drawing.

Dry pen painting will leave dry and even blunt pen marks, which are different from ordinary brushstrokes. Unconsolidated color accumulation will produce a variegated, variegated color that requires visual harmony and produces a harmonious and beautiful effect.

The color of the dry pen flashes the luster of the jump in the rough, and the slowly stacked colors depict the object in the most common way. The loose pen is beneficial to the repeated modification of the picture.

Dry strokes apply to any base, including canvas, wood, and canvas. However, the hard support base is better, and it does not cause trouble due to excessive force during coloring.

With direct drawing, you can use dry strokes all of them, or you can use them partially to create a texture of rough texture and glitter, and you can also create a texture base in the bottom stage of transparent painting. The rough uneven color layer produced by the dry pen provides a favorable place for the glazing oil paint. Those transparent light colors hidden under the rough surface will add endless charm to the picture.

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