How to display decorative painting

First, the height of placing decorative painting

The height of the painting should have a reference height of the owner of the house. The best place to place the painting is: the center of the oil painting should be 10-25 cm higher than the place where the owner’s eyes directly on. people don’t need to look up or lower their head at this height of the picture. From a visual point of view, the most suitable hanging picture height is 1.5 meters to 2 meters above the ground, so that people in the horizontal straight-line appreciation will be more comfortable. How high should we hang a oil painting? people need to continue to test it and find out the solution. The standard should be that you don’t feel eyestrain.

Second, abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

If you want to make your room look larger you can work with a sense of perspective or a simple abstract decorative painting, which can play a role in enhancing the space.

Third, the first sight is the best place

The first point of view into the house is the best place where to place decorative painting, so you will not feel the wall is empty at home, poor sight, but also produce a sense of freshness and artistic.

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