Golden Drunk Map

Golden Drunk Map

The art world has commented that there are three large mountains in China's modern and contemporary art circles, one is Qi Baishi's flowers and birds, one is Huang Binhong's landscape,

and one is Guan Liang's character. In the auction market in recent years, the price of Guan Liang's works has been rising, and it is highly sought after by top collectors.

Guan Liang (1900-1986), the word Lianggong, Guangdong Panyu. In 1917, Guan Liang went to Japan to study oil painting. After returning to China in 1923, Guan Liang served as a professor at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.

After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Guan Liang was also a painter at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy and a professor at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

    As the first oil painter in China to introduce Western painting art to China, Guan Liang was originally good at oil paintings full of modern consciousness, but later he was fascinated by the colorful ink paintings.

Guan Liang's paintings are unique. The pen is extremely simple and simple. He always draws the character's modality with exaggeration and deformation. Especially the eyes portray the most powerful skills.

The colorful images are filled with his inner bright and happy. . Guan Liangai looks at the representative play of the Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, "Drunken Drunk", which is one of his masterpieces in his later years.

    In this painting, Guan Liang seized the two points of “Jane” and “God”, and painted Yang Guifei, who was drunk and drunk, to write his own innocent humor.

If the casual lines are not only expressed The relationship between the characters in the plot also shows the beauty of the artist's thoughts.

Its vivid image depiction and the natural rhythm displayed in the painting are the result of Guan Liang's introspection of the opera and the most serious work in every detail.

    Although the paintings of the works are small, the weather is large, and the characters between the feet are not arrogant. In fact, they are deeply ingenious, and they can be said to be "more than a few wins."

It can be seen that the weather of Guan Liang's opera figure paintings is mostly in the art pattern.

    Guan Liang is a master of Chinese painting that is independent of fashion. His works seem to be children's paintings. The ones are pure and simple, but they contain the charm.

They give the opera characters a kind of childish beauty and dynamic beauty. This is the true and pure realm. The artistic environment.

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