France Changed its View on Chinese Oil Painting

France Changed its View on Chinese Oil Painting

When I saw Huang Jiannan’s new work this time, I was shocked again.

This shock has reached an effect that has never been seen before. That is, I finally understood that the chairman of the French Artists Association, Mr. Michel King, after reading a Chinese painting by Huang Jiannan at the Louvre, said: "Mr. Huang Jiannan The colorful ink landscape paintings are colorful, this is a very different style of painting. I have changed my views on Chinese traditional paintings for more than 50 years.” Mr. Michel King gave such a high evaluation of Huang Jiannan’s works, I always I don't understand. For a French Artists Association president, color is the standard of their Western oil paintings and the soul of oil paintings. There is no oil painting without color!

You can have no styling, you can draw abstract paintings, expressionist paintings, surreals, etc. As long as you have a good grasp of color, you can still draw good works. On the contrary, your style is very precise, the color is not good, you just draw like a photo, it can't be a good work, no color, nothing. Color is the most basic technique that Western painters need, like the ink paintings of Chinese paintings. It is also the most important. Regardless of the size of the brushwork or the meticulous brushwork, you need to pass the pen and ink. So, why did Mr. Michel King give such a high rating to the color of a Chinese painter?

I could not understand. I finally understood this time. Because Huang Jiannan will be part of the new work of the National Political Consultative Conference Hall, I will tell my answer. When we look at a picture, at first glance, we will pay attention to the shape of the picture, that is, the picture of the picture is not like, and then we pay attention to the details. Looking at Huang Jiannan's works, the first thing that catches people is the color of the picture.

Some people say that Huang Jiannan's works, whether Chinese painting or oil painting, are very dazzling and dazzling. In fact, this is only one aspect. Looking at each of his works, the colors are very rich, but they are very harmonious and look very comfortable. The lines that each color shows on the screen are also very smooth, even if the mixing and overlapping of multiple colors are the same, his color is flowing, and the three-dimensional feeling is very strong.

I really don't know how he did it. It's just a ghost to use a pen. It can even make the color of the pen always flowing.

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