European Landscape Painting

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  • 2019-02-27
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European Landscape Painting

In the modern European style decoration, the family also uses hanging paintings to decorate the interior walls, which will make the family more energetic, full of artistic atmosphere, and present the beauty of life;

some good painting combinations can not only reflect the owner The taste can also make the decoration effect very artistic. Today Xiaobian shares a painting with European-style landscapes.

On the white wall of the living room, a golden picture frame landscape painting is hung, and the home space is embellished in the simple living room.

The wooden seats, black table lamps and floral illustrations make up the elements of living and home, which looks simple and luxurious.

Living in natural life, talking and laughing, relaxing, and tasting the charm of the scenery in the painting. In the painting, the right poplar tree is slim, that is, the lucky tree, which means lucky fortune;

the middle pool in the painting, the bottom of the painting, the cornucopia of wealth gathering; the whole painting scene is full of vitality, dotted with exquisite and quiet Artistic lifestyle.

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