Digital Painting

Digital Painting

Digital oil painting is to process the painting into lines and numbers by special techniques. The painter can draw the master-level works by filling in the corresponding numbered pigments in the color-filling area marked with the number.

The difference in the way of running the pen makes each painting have its own unique life, which means that each painting is a unique painting art.

The pigment contains a certain amount of water. When you are not using it, be sure to cover the lid to prevent the water from drying out. If it is dry, you can drop one or two drops of warm water and then stir it a little and then cover it.

The next day, it will be used in the same way as the original one.

The pigment has good coverage and there is no need to worry about the wrong coating because the latter pigment can cover the front pigment.

A new design concept that embraces the colorfulness of life and the release of color, bid farewell to a single color, and live an imaginative life.

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