Da Fen oil painting is popular in the high-end market

Da Fen oil painting is popular in the high-end market

In 2019, it was the 30th year of the development of Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen. The first Shenzhen Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale with the theme of “opening and integration” has been welcomed and affirmed by all walks of life since its establishment.

Liang Jian, deputy director of the Dafen Management Office and deputy director of the Dafen Art Museum, said that in recent years, Dafen Oil Painting Village has actively stepped out of the country and continuously exported high-end oil paintings.

To hold the Biennale is to integrate the cultural essence of the world with a more open attitude and enhance the influence of the Dafen oil painting industry. At the Biennale, more than 250 artists from more than 50 countries and regions appeared together.

According to reports, the commercial oil paintings of Dafen Oil Painting Village have been famous overseas, and once occupied 70% of the European and American markets. However, in the past, Dafen's export oil paintings were mainly copied at low value-added and low-cost. Today,

Dafen is focusing on high-end, brand and internationalization with original oil painting as the core, forming a unique cultural prosperity and industrial integration. Advantage.

The artist's original works are of higher quality, combined with Dafen's high-quality industrial chain, forming a high-value-added high-end market. Dafen oil painting has also gone through a process from single to multiple, from selling products to selling experience. .

Zhou Feng, president of the Dafen Art Industry Association, said that the Biennale is based on the existing foundation to further help Dafen connect the international market to the high-end market, and also build a good platform for the introduction of talents.

The platform built by the Biennale not only provides opportunities for artists at home and abroad to learn and exchange ideas, but also achieves resource docking and industrial cooperation.

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