Commentary Oil Painting Style

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  • 2018-11-08
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Commentary Oil Painting Style

The following three points are some of the styles of oil paintings that you have summarized. If you are picking oil paintings but don't know them well, I hope that these contents can help you better. Oil painting is good-looking, but when choosing, you must choose a more suitable style in combination with the actual, so that it will better dissipate its charm.

First of all, the oil painting style has classical oil painting. Classical oil painting pursues elegance, solemn harmony, and its brushwork is delicate and soft, while adhering to strict sketches and clear outlines. Classical oil paintings give people a sense of high-grade and elegant. Classical oil paintings are not as thick as brush strokes, and pigments are not as thick as impression-style oil paintings, so the effect is also very good. Such oil paintings are suitable for classical American style decoration and look very good. If you choose oil painting, it will be a better choice.

 Secondly, the oil painting style also has an impression style. Because of its colorful colors, the light color effect is good, the brushwork is free and easy, and every stroke is just right. It gives people a feeling of being in nature and makes people feel soothed. Impression painting looks better at a distance. When you look at the oil brush, the bumps are obvious. If you like the brush strokes, you can hang up a few oil paintings with an impression style, fill the vision, give you unlimited imagination, and reflect the owner's unrestrained and informal personality. So this style will be very good. Suitable for European-style rustic decoration. When you choose decorations, you can choose oil painting, which will be very good.

 Third, the oil painting style also has abstract oil paintings. Abstract oil painting is popular in recent years. Its style is simple and casual, giving a fresh and bright vision, which is more suitable for simple decoration. If the furniture is simple, you may wish to hang a set of combination paintings or abstract oil paintings in the living room or aisle to add a lot of color to the home. Abstract oil painting gives people unlimited imagination, so this is very good. There are many people who choose abstract oil paintings.

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