500 Years of Western Painting Exhibition - STROLL

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  • 2018-12-19
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500 Years of Western Painting Exhibition - STROLL

On October 23, Tsinghua Yibo and Tokyo Fuji Art Museum jointly held the annual special exhibition "500 Years of Western Painting - Exhibition of Works of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum". Over the past month, the exhibition has received more than 50,000 audiences at home and abroad.

The number of people has caused a warm response. The exhibition "Western Painting 500 Years" featured 60 Western art classic collections from the Fuji Art Museum in Tokyo.

At the same time, due to the documentary nature of the exhibition, Tsinghua Yibo has a 200-400-word introduction and background information on each side of the exhibition. I hope that the audience will learn about the art style and evolution of different periods.

In 1880, Manet's physical condition deteriorated. For the sake of recuperation, he rented a house in Bellevue on the outskirts of Paris. During this period, friends continued to visit Manet, and he began to create oil paintings and completed more than 30 works on the theme of characters, landscapes and still lifes.

This work was created in the summer of Manet's stay in Bellevue. In the second year after the death of Manet, the work was purchased at the auction by the Mani works collector and baritone singer JB Foley of the Paris Opera House. After that, he was transferred to several famous European and American collectors and now collected in Tokyo Fuji. In the art gallery.

It is said that the model of the work is to visit a friend of Manet - Mrs. Gambi. Aldolf Tabalan wrote in "Manai and his works" that Mrs. Gambie is a friend of a lady who has made a good relationship with the Manet family. In addition, it is said that Mrs. Gambie is also the relative of Manet’s sister-in-law, Bert Moriso. In the painting, Mrs. Gambier wore a hat decorated with purple flowers, and the hair in front of her forehead was hanging down. It was a popular dress at that time. The background of the green courtyard is painted by the impressionist penis, and the model's clothing is boldly painted with the "black" rarely used by the impressionist painters. The color is light and transparent. The handwriting left on the screen subtly depicts the contours of the woman's body, which reflects Manai's extraordinary talent and the sensibility of modern urban style.

The picture is mainly composed of contrasting green and black, so the female white face and the yellow gloves give a particularly deep impression. The red balance of the female lips and the small safflower have achieved a perfect balance, so that people can fully feel the talent of Manai's genius. In this work, Manet not only depicts the portrait of a particular woman, but also fully reflects the “female beauty” that symbolizes Paris.

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